Exploritory Writing 7A

With the Wall Street Journal video about NFT's, I really like how they explained what they are as simply as they could. Even though we talked about them in class, it was helpful for me to be able to learn about them this way. What really helped me was when they were describing the differences between our current American way of money of being able to switch out five one's for a single five-dollar bill because they have the same value. But that's not possible with NFT's. It would be like trying to exchange the Mona Lisa for a poster of the Mona Lisa. They did bring up a good point, though, of it being hard to verify that the person selling the NFT is the actual person who made it.

In the first few paragraphs of Another New World, one of the things that was talked about a bit was how, especially in the first few years of NFT's becoming a thing, there were major shows of confidence between the person selling the NFT and the person buying it. Since it was still so new between 2014 to around 2018, both parties had to trust that the other was being truthful. And now, even though this has become more common place, I believe that there is still a sense of shows of confidence, that both parties have to trust that the other side is being truthful. But, of course, there are still those that try to sell of other people's work as their own.