Exploratory Writing 8A

I find it really interesting, how near the start of the It’s Just the Internet piece, it was described how postinternet art is not made online or for online use, but rather reflect the world today and how prevalent the internet or being online is. Since the internet has taken up a lot of people lives these days, at least in parts of the world that have it, it’s interesting to think that a whole artform has formed about its use in the modern era. When it was being talked about the differences between net art and internet art, one section reminded me of the Glitch project, when it was stated “It is often political in the sense that aims to reveal the structures behind the medium or to manipulate it’s faults “glitch’s”.” Even though it’s not exactly what we did with the Glitch project, this seems similar enough, with the internet art taking what was already there and manipulating it to their own desires. And then I liked how it went on to describe a piece of art that was done by Eva and Franco Mattes, who essentially did what social media allows us to do now, and since there work was before all the social media sites came out, it was considered art.

With Post-Internet Art’s Lessons for the Pandemic and What Comes After, I find it interesting how the article started talking about the current pandemic and went into the impact that the 2008 financial crisis had on the post-Internet movement. It seems like with the collapse of the financial side and real estate, it only helped the post-internet movement evolve into more of what it’s like today. With the lack of space to make what they were used to, some artists started using the bare minimum and do more with the digital aspect of it. It’s interesting how the post-internet movement today, and the subsequent pieces of art, was changed with the shrinking pool of places artists could use to make their art, leading them to the internet, where there was more certainty, their art could be made and viewed. And now with the pandemic, it might have and still be causing the movement to evolve again, both with the same issues that came up during the 2008 financial crisis as well as more artists joining the movement.