Exploritory Writing 6

I really found it interesting how CryptoPunks began as an experiment for a smartphone app or a game. I don’t know a lot about crypto art, but it seems likes quite a lot these days, people start working on something with the idea of it being one thing, but it turns out being something completely different. In this case, it was interesting how it started out as the beginnings of an app or a game, and then ended up changing the digital art market. I also found it interesting that Hall and Watkinson were inspired by the London punk scene, which helped form the early anti-establishment of the bitchain movement. I also really like how once the project went live, they weren’t able to alter any of the art at all. I’m blanking on the art style that similar to this, but I really like this type of artwork. When the piece of art is unable to be changed at all once it’s been completed, there is a sense of finality.