Exploritory Writing 9A

I really like how in Art After the Internet, internet art was described as art that’s no longer distinguished as being down on a computer or the internet, but now influenced by the internet and digital media, not necessarily done on the internet. I always assumed that Postinternet Art was still done on the internet, but it makes sense that it can still be done on the internet and a computer, but the main focus of it is art that’s influenced by the internet. I think that it’s a important clarification to make for those who aren’t as in tune with this type of art. I also liked Thomas Beard’s ‘Objects that aren’t objects.’ I found it really interesting that he made books or t-shirts that was about the content of the internet. Even though it may have been call something other than Postinternet Art, I still consider it that, due to it fitting into the earlier statement.

In What is Post-Internet Art, I like how it starts with stating that the technology associated with the internet aren’t quite done evolving, and just like how postmodern artist used the techniques and strategies of modernism, the same is true for Post-Internet Art. Strategies may be used that was used while doing internet art, but it’s a completely different art form.