The first time I can clearly remembering being introduced to the internet was when I was in fourth or fifth grade, I think. I’d heard about a game name Club Penguin that I wanted to try out and managed to convince my parents to let me try it out. It wasn’t until I was in my second time in fifth grade, I transferred schools and went into fifth grade again, when my friend got me into a internet based game at the time name RuneScape. This was my second time being introduced to the internet. But it wasn’t until around sixth grade, roughly when I was eleven or twelve that I stated getting introduced to the fuller extend of what the internet had to offer. The first two times I was introduced to the internet, with Club Penguin and RuneScape, it was mainly as a way to play a game with friends. But once I got to be eleven or twelve, it had morphed more into research for schoolwork, mainly using the Google search engine and Wikipedia. But over the years, the internet has morphed from playing games with friends and doing research for school, to still doing those things, but also looking for how to do things, sending emails, and watching videos and streaming tv shows and movies on services that I and my families have.