When it comes to memes, I always enjoy ones that play off of things I like to watch, either with text and a quote that one of the characters said, or just text that sounds like something that the character it goes with would say. The first meme I’ve picked is from The Office. I, at first, spent a bit of time with it because I thought it was funny. But I quickly found that it is also a true statement for me. I don’t know about others, but I like the memes that have a bit of truth in them. The second meme I found that I liked play’s off of Parks and Rec, specifically focusing on something Andy, the character in the image, would say

One of the main characteristics that the two memes have in common are that there are sections that the maker of the meme put in text. The differences with this, though, is that the one of The Office has text put in from the maker of the meme as well as a line from the show, while the one of Parks and Rec is just the text the maker put in.

What makes these memes similar to other ones in the “family” of memes is user put in text over a still from the show. The features of these two memes is not that complex, both just being text put on top of a still from each of the two shows. I don’t know the history of these two specific memes well enough to know if the history of them is complicated, but I do know that there are memes that are similar to them.

With the meme from The Office there is just text about writing a paper for finals, and the quote form the actual show is of Michael saying that he sometimes starts writing without knowing what he’s writing about. I really liked this one because I do the same thing sometimes. Just free writing, not really sure what I am writing about, just hoping that I will figure it out and connect it to the rest of the paper.

With the meme from Parks and Rec, the meme show’s Andy, the loveable character that isn’t the smartest. The text that the user put in perfectly encapsulates something that he would say. About how he is allergic to sushi and going on to say that he throws up after eating too much of it. It is not something I relate to, but this is the type of thing I love about this character and what makes these types of memes really good for me.

The first meme here!

The second meme here!